ZenBusiness & Mutiny. Helping the small entrepreneur feel all namaste.

ZenBusiness is a platform where small business owners can create, run, manage, and grow their companies. They help entrepreneurs navigate the legal requirements for their business, state to state. 

Zachary Rippstein is Head of Marketing. Zach has been in marketing for 15 years at companies such as Gartner and Offers.com. His relentless passion for growth has paid off big time for ZenBusiness.

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Control your traffic. Control your message. Grow faster.


A year and a half ago, we talked a lot about all the different channels that we can go after. ‘Where do we want to invest our time and resources as a small startup ourselves, just getting going?’ What we landed on was really focusing on paid channels where we could control more of the messaging, we could control more of the customers. How do we deliver the right message to them and how do we create the services and the plans and the packages they need to quickly, easily form their business.

We've got to be really smart about getting the most out of the traffic that we're getting and the spend that we're incurring. Personalization allows you to get those efficiencies without having to spend 5 more dollars, or 100 more dollars, or 1,000 more dollars. We can get smarter about the things we're doing. And the great part is that it makes the brand look better. The experience that the customer has is improved. So it's kind of this double benefit. We're able to communicate better to the individual, make it a better user experience. But at the same time, our business becomes more efficient. We’re able to grow faster.

Segment your traffic by search intent.


There are some clear buckets for the campaigns that we're running, the types of customers or audiences that we want to go after. People are very focused on customer reviews or price, just like any other industry. And there's natural groupings by state or geography.

Itty bitty tests = big fat wins. +60% in conversion rates.


A really important segment for us was state specific business formations. So it's different in every state. Whenever you form in those states, California, Texas, Florida, they all have small differences. So we called those out. We highlighted our customer support, our low cost, a lot of the strong customer ratings that we're getting. 

We were able to really change the copy to not only speak to the state, but call out a lot of the trust factors that we’ve found are important. All that put together, we were able to increase our conversion rates by 60% over the control. 

We've rolled that out across all states about two weeks ago and since then, the conversion rates across the site and for the company in general have been the highest we've seen since the company started. So, you know, a small test. A big win. And rolling that out everywhere has been massive for the company.

Ow, ow, ow - I’m price sensitive. And a little sore from all the lifting.


For our price sensitive customers -- any keywords that are around price or cost, we've broken those out. The conversion rate increased, there's been a 23% lift. A very meaningful increase in performance.

Don’t take our word for it. Ask our customers.


An exciting one that I don't think I would have spotted if we weren't working with Mutiny, is a lot of aggregate keyword searches around reviews and ratings. We've moved customer ratings higher up on those pages. We've done different things to really call out our support team and some of the other accolades or the other quotes that we're getting in the industry. And we've seen 153% increase in conversion.

You into new experiences? Get as high as these conversion rates.


Going from 10 to 12% conversion rate means we can get more aggressive with our bid positions. We can go after new keywords. We can do more testing. Getting a conversion rate win means saving on CAC. And that just means we can put more budget towards growing the business. So it's kind of this cyclical effect that we get where we get more efficient. And that just means we're able to move the business forward by investing in more areas or getting more aggressive with our campaigns.

Strategic partner? Mutiny’s got strategy coming out the SaaS.


With Mutiny, we've got people who have been doing this longer than I have. To have people that are in our corner like that is a tremendous help.

That's what I've enjoyed working with the Mutiny team, to really dive into that together, to get the strategy, to get the experience that they have and apply that to our business. To have these hypotheses that we work through together. We've had some good successes. The more we work together, the better those tests and results end up being.

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