1:1 ROI case study page for target accounts (evaluation stage)

When to consider this playbook

You should create 1:1 personalized landing pages for target accounts that are mid-funnel if you have a longer sales cycle or higher ACV that requires more proof points for buyers to make a decision. 

You can either contact these accounts via email or LinkedIn, use ABM or employ retargeting ad platforms.

Data available to you

Mutiny integrates automatically with your Salesforce instance, enabling you to easily create 1:1 landing pages using your Salesforce account or opportunity data. Within minutes you can create thousands of tailored pages with personalized links for each account based on their funnel stage. 

If you don't use Salesforce or if your data is fragmented across different tools, you can use a CSV with any data fields to create your personalized landing pages.

How to personalize

With 1:1 landing pages, you can tailor the full page content to speak directly to a single person, with pointed value props and calls to action. 

Start with the general best practices in the 1:1 intro page for target accounts playbook. At this point your prospect has been introduced to your company and needs more specific content on ROI and implementation. Build a specific ROI case for them using the information you collect during discovery. 

To do this at scale, build one landing page template for communicating ROI. Then use Mutiny to plug in account data from your CRM and automatically create a custom ROI page for each account. 

We have seen that these pages get forwarded around internally to other stakeholders. Mutiny provides analytics on the number of unique viewers and total page views for each page so that you always know how you're gaining traction.


Try a relevant case study or the account rep's Calendly to walk through the ROI.

See it in action

AdQuick is an out of home advertising platform connecting media owners with brand marketers. Their target accounts span all industries and have several different use cases. One of their highest ROI segments is companies with brick and mortar locations. 

Below is an illustration of a personalized ROI page for a gym target account.

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