1:1 "switch to us" page for target accounts (awareness stage)

When to consider this playbook

You should create 1:1 "switch to us" pages if you know that your target accounts are currently using a competitor and that you can provide them more value.

Data available to you

Use any first party data you have about customers currently using a competitor to create a convincing argument as to why they should switch to you.

For example, you may integrate better with other tech that target accounts use or you may provide a solution that scales better as they grow.

How to personalize

Start with the general best practices in the 1:1 intro page for target accounts playbook. Here is additional advice for this playbook.


Use the account or contact name, along with a compelling reason for switching from their current solution (your competitor). You can also offer an incentive. Be direct and mention the competitor name. 

Page content

Use the page content to take the contact through the key points in your competitor battlecard. Whenever possible, contextualize these points to the specific impact for that contact. For example, "You use Go-To-Meeting for your webinars. This requires your attendees to download software in order to attend. With Livestorm, your attendees don't need to download anything, which leads to 67% higher attendance rates."


Offer a case study about a customer who switched from the competitor. You can also offer an incentive e.g., "we will migrate your data for free" or offer an in-depth consultation for a customized assessment of your value relative to your competitor.

See it in action

Gusto offers modern HR software to companies of all sizes. As their buyers are evaluating the software, Gusto is often compared to ADP. 

Below is an illustration of how they might personalize their value prop compared to ADP for a target account (Varidesk).

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