Website, Known Visitors

Ask customers for referrals

When to consider this playbook

If you have a referral program and you have a lot of happy users that come to your website to log in, promoting the program and asking for a referral can be an excellent growth channel. Most referral programs have <5% awareness among customers.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP and matches it to your Salesforce records. This enables you to identify the current product or plan the visitor is using. Alternatively, you can use our Segment integration or the Mutiny API to automatically pass your customer data to Mutiny.

You can also narrow your focus to customers who have been with you for a certain period of time or have a high NPS.

How to personalize

The best place to communicate with existing customers is the top of the fold because they go for the "log in" button and rarely scroll down the page. Don't block their experience by hiding useful items like the login button; change the portions that don't currently add value to something more relevant. 


This should be focused on the offer or benefit your customer will receive by providing a referral to a new potential customer. For example, "Mike, invite your friends and get a 10% bonus when they join" or "Aurelien, invite your friends and you both get $500."


Explain how your referral program works. What does your customer need to do? How do they share this offer with their network? Keep this description short and to the point. 


Contextualize your CTA to the referral. For example "Invite Now" or "Refer Now." You can pass a unique link for each customer with Mutiny.

See it in action

Brex provides corporate cards with industry-specific benefits. They have cards for startups, ecommerce, and life sciences. Their happy customers within each of these industries are very likely to know others in the respective industry that can benefit from these products. Tapping into this network is an important growth channel for Brex.

Below is an illustration of how Brex can turn a happy customer into more new business, with a strong incentive for both the referrer and referee.

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