Create more conversion opportunities with exit intent components

When to consider this playbook

If you want to deliver an asset to a specific segment or to capture a lead before they leave your site, you should create an Exit Intent Component. They’re powerful because they can be created without changing any of your existing site content.

Data available to you

Mutiny shows the exit intent component to a user when they are about to navigate away from a page. You can launch the experience for all traffic on high value pages like your pricing or blog page. 

Another approach is to personalize for high value audiences using the Salesforce data integrated into Mutiny to segment by target account or stage of funnel. Use the exit intent modal to send these high value prospects to a page where they can schedule a meeting with their AE.

A third approach is to use Mutiny’s firmographic or behavioral data (e.g. pages visited) to promote a relevant asset to catch the visitor’s interest before they bounce from your page. 

How to personalize

Shorter is better

Only ask for the information that is absolutely crucial for you to capture - their email. If necessary, you can add additional fields but we strongly recommend capping it at 2 fields. Use e-mail enrichment to fill in fields in your CRM and ask for as little input from the user as possible.

Provide value

Content that’s relevant to your segment converts 4 times higher than generic content. So, be sure both your message and asset are highly relevant to the segment you are targeting. 

See it in action

Below are three examples of Exit Intent Components. One is a redirect based on company level firmographic data, another is a form based on behavioral data, and a third is a redirect that sends target accounts to a booking page.