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Customize landing page for display ads

When to consider this playbook

If you are showing display ads to a set of target accounts, you should personalize the post-click experience. If the ad did its job of getting prospects to your site, carrying through the messaging on the ad to the landing page can have a large impact.

Data available to you

If your ABM campaign is already separated into accounts or groups, use UTM parameters to pass that data and easily create visitor segments in Mutiny. You can also use IP data to automatically enrich the visitor's company profile and personalize the web experience. Either of these methods will work regardless of your ABM ad platform.

How to personalize

Start with the general best practices in these 3 playbooks on creating tailored content for target accounts at each stage of the funnel:

It's important to switch your content by the prospect's funnel stage -- new target accounts should see a different set of ads and pages (e.g., intro to value prop, detailed case studies in their vertical) whereas in-pipeline leads should see content that augments and advances the sales process (e.g., social proof, ROI, competitor comparison). 

Finally, match the page content with Mutiny to whatever ad content compelled the prospect to click through.

See it in action

Segment is a customer data platform that lets you collect, standardize, and activate your customer data in all your marketing and analytics tools with a single API. They have several different products, which help customers with different data-related tasks.

Here is a live example of how Segment uses Mutiny to personalize the landing page for ABM ads for target accounts. They use the company name paired with the ad creative to give their target accounts personalized post-click experiences. 

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