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Customize the experience for affiliate referrals, partners, or sponsored blogs

When to consider this playbook

If you have traffic coming to you from affiliate or partner channels, personalizing the experience for them can be a nice way to help bridge the transition from where they were to where they are. 

Data available to you

Mutiny integrates out of the box with UTM parameters, allowing you access to any context passed from paid channels through the URL. Affiliate or partner context may come from UTM Campaign, UTM Medium, UTM Source, or UTM Content. This is typically manually set by you when you are planning your affiliate or partner strategies.

How to personalize


Use your headline to welcome your affiliate traffic to your site. If the affiliate channel suggests a particular use case, include this in your headline, as well. For example, "G2Crowd viewers, find out why we have 5 stars."

Page content

Use the page content to further describe how your solution addresses their use case. Focus the page on the use case they are most likely interested in based on their affiliate source.

See it in action

Mode is an analytics platform designed to help data scientists answer open-ended questions. They sponsor several newsletters for data scientists. Here is an example of how they welcome visitors from one of the newsletters they sponsor (Data Science Central).

Below is a live example of how Mode personalizes their homepage for sponsored traffic.

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