Personalize website by industry

When to consider this playbook

Often times, industry or business model is a strong proxy for a company's core use case, which is very difficult to get without speaking to someone at the company. You should personalize your website by industry if your core value prop or product usage changes based on your customer's industry. Even if your value prop does not change by industry, you can still personalize your social proof because buyers (especially enterprise buyers) are often motivated by seeing what products their peers are using.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP, which gives you access to granular industry data. There are 10 top level industries as well as over 300 more granular classifications. 

Examples of top level industries include: 

  • Financials

  • Consumer Staples

  • Health Care

We can further break down industry by sub-industry. For example, Financials can be broken down into:

  • Accounting

  • Capital Services

  • Insurance

There are also business model tags that can augment industry such as:

  • SaaS

  • B2C

  • Government

  • Education

  • Marketplace

See the full list of industry attributes here.

How to personalize

When someone lands on a page, they read the headline and skim the section titles and images before deciding whether or not to invest their time in the rest of the page content. Make sure your headlines pop to capture your audience. 


Your headline is the hook that will grab your future customer's attention. This is your opportunity to pull them in with a really compelling value prop. Use the name of the segment (e.g., "Best 401(k) for law firms") or a phrase that will pique this segment's interest (e.g., "Compliant and audit-ready equity platform"). 


Use your sub-head to go into more detail or make a secondary point that will be compelling to this industry.

Social proof 

Show industry specific logos and case studies to showcase that your product would be a great fit for this industry and that you are a trusted solution by leaders in the industry. 

Page content

Use the real estate on your page to communicate relevant value props to the user's industry. Lean on usage from your existing customers in this industry to inform the value props throughout the page. 


Generally, action oriented CTAs such as "Get started" or "Buy now" work best. If the industry you are targeting has lower a propensity to buy, then a lower commitment CTA such as "Learn more" or "View case study" may work better. 

See it in action

Amplitude is a product analytics platform that serves companies across multiple industries. They use Mutiny to personalize the social proof throughout their site by showcasing relevant logos and case studies for companies by industry.

Here are a few examples of how Amplitude personalizes their full website for Consumer Tech and B2B industries. This has led to a 54% increase in conversions.

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