Personalize website for enterprises

When to consider this playbook

Personalizing by company size is relevant to almost all B2B companies, because product usage and needs vary greatly for a 10 person company vs. a 100 person company vs. a large enterprise. Purchase motivation and relevant social proof are also quite different depending on the company's maturity.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP, which gives you access to the following employee ranges:

  • 1-10

  • 11-50

  • 51-250

  • 251-1K

  • 1K-5K

  • 5K-10K

  • 10K-50K

  • 50K-100K

  • 100K+

You can also use company revenue or funding amount to delineate company maturity. 

How to personalize

When someone lands on a page, they read the headline and skim the section titles before deciding whether or not to invest their time in the rest of the page content. Make sure your headlines pop to capture your audience. 

Top of the fold 

Enterprises tend to focus on scalability, diversity of use cases, integrations, compliance and admin controls. Successful headline personalization tends to include the name of the segment (e.g. "Trusted by the Fortune 500") or highlight their most critical pain point (e.g. "Plugs into any tech stack"). 

Subtle personalization can often be missed by the visitor, so try to call out something bold and relevant. It's OK to be 80% accurate, but you must be 100% clear and relevant in your messaging. You don't have to capture every single thing you do for this segment in your headline - just say the most compelling one as clearly as possible!

Use your sub-head to go into more detail or make a secondary point that will be compelling to large companies. This is also a great place to add more details and to round out all the awesome things you do for large companies. 

Social proof

Show logos and case studies for companies of the same size as the visitors to your site to visually showcase that your product would be a great fit and that you are a trusted solution for companies like them. Enterprise buyers are heavily influenced by what their competitors are doing, so further breaking down enterprise logos by industry can be really valuable (e.g., show Adidas logo when Nike visits). Mutiny lets you combine attributes such as company size and industry to easily accomplish this hybrid segmentation if you decide to go down this path. 

Bottom of the fold / Page content

Provide a deeper description of how your product solves the customer's biggest problems. The value prop and supporting features that will resonate are likely different depending on the visitor's company size. We also recommend changing supporting product screenshots if you can. 


For enterprise, use more formal and higher commitment language such as "speak to sales" or "connect with an expert" or "See a demo." That said, some Mutiny customers that serve more progressive buyers have found that all their buyers prefer the more hands on "get started now" or "explore live demo" CTAs. No need to stress -- Mutiny gives you audience-specific analytics so you can see what's working for each segment. Start with your best instinct and iterate with data.

See it in action

Livestorm is a browser-based online web conferencing software used to share real-time live streams. They serve companies of all sizes, but they find that they can close much larger deals when they direct enterprise customers to a sales rep to obtain pricing vs. letting them go through a self-service sign up with displayed pricing. 

Livestorm also uses Mutiny to remove links to the pricing page and then to redirect links from the self-service signup to a product demo that is conducted by a sales rep. They also change value props throughout the page to speak to how they serve large companies. Take a look at how they are tripling their enterprise signups and increasing deal size below.

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