Personalize website for startups

When to consider this playbook

Most B2B companies serve both small and large companies. While the deal size for small startups is too low to justify an outbound sales motion, this segment tends to generate a meaningful amount of inbound revenue. 

The needs of a company and their approach to software evaluation is vastly different based on their size and maturity stage. Early stage startups are particularly unique and often convert at a higher rate when content is personalized for them.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP, which gives you access to the following employee ranges:

  • 1-10

  • 11-50

  • 51-250

  • 251-1K

  • 1K-5K

  • 5K-10K

  • 10K-50K

  • 50K-100K

  • 100K+

We recommend targeting up to 250 employees, but it depends on what your business considers early stage. You can also use company revenue or funding amount to delineate company maturity. 

How to personalize

About this segment

Startups think of themselves as a unique segment and proudly self-identify as a "startup." They tend to value time and ease of use. They're also tight on budget and are used to special pricing or discounts. Startups prefer to try before they buy, and often prefer to dive in instead of talking to sales.  

Top of the fold 

Include the name of the segment (e.g. "Product analytics for Startups" or "Built for early stage companies"), highlight their most critical pain point, or overcome their #1 perceived objection (e.g., "Get started for free"). 

Use your sub-head to go into more detail and round out all the awesome things you do for startups. 

Social proof

The right logos have a big impact on startups because they have very little time to evaluate and research. However, startups are rarely motivated by incumbents in their vertical. They often buy based on recommendations from people they trust or more established startups that they respect. Show aspirational company logos such as Stripe, Gusto, and Segment that startups identify with culturally and hope they grow up to become one day. 

Reviews from well known third-party sites are much more effective for this audience than Magic Quadrants and the number of likes. 

Bottom of the fold / Page content

Focus on ease of use, fast setup, and features that startups love about your product. We also recommend screenshots showcasing your modern UI (if relevant).  


Lower commitment and hands-on CTAs work best such as "Try for free," "Free trial," "Get started" or "Explore live demo." If you don't have a self-service signup, you can try short or email-only signup forms or free demo webinars or videos. 

See it in action

Amplitude is a product analytics platform that serves all sizes of companies - from startup to enterprise. They have 3 plans that correlate directly to company size - Free, Growth, and Enterprise. Startups are an important segment for Amplitude, because as they grow as a business, they grow as a customer.

Amplitude uses Mutiny to personalize the value props and social proof throughout their site. They change the messaging above the fold, and replace logos and case studies with company size and industry specific representative customers.

Below is an example of how Amplitude personalizes their homepage for startups.

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