Promote content assets with personalized banners

When to consider this playbook

If you want to promote your gated content or events to visitors in a more targeted way to generate more leads and engagement on your website, you should create personalized banners. Or if you want to create a personalized experience across many pages without actually writing multiple pages of content –– personalized banners are a strong choice.

With personalized banners, you can write a single sentence and turn it into a powerful and actionable personalized experience across your entire site.

Data available to you

If you have a site with robust content targeted at different buyers and uses cases, banners can be a good solution. Mutiny uses behavioral targeting such as pages visited to help you segment your visitor into different personas or use cases. 

Mutiny also identifies the visitor’s company and industry through IP data, which you can use to target specific segments such as banking or retail. 

How to personalize

Personalized banners should be brief, include a strong CTA, and they should drive to a conversion event––like an event sign-up, e-book or other asset.


The personalization is doing a lot of the heavy lifting here. So the banner should feel highly relevant to the target. Briefly establish why what you're offering is valuable and then drive the visitor to your conversion. For example, if you're targeting a visitor who has been browsing your sales ops content, you might create a banner that reads "Want to know the top tech stack priorities for sales ops leaders in 2020?”

Strong CTA

Where possible, say explicitly the action the user should take. 'Download e-book' or 'Get the guide' or even 'Learn more' is stronger than 'Check it out'.

See it in action

Kyriba offers a cloud solution to some of the biggest finance and treasury challenges, giving clear insight into cash balances and future flows and allowing for optimized cash liquidity, better compliance and control over bank accounts.

They use IP firmographic and behavioral targeting to drive multiple actions across segments of high-value accounts.

Below are a couple live examples of Kryiba's banners in action––one behaviorally targeted and one using IP data.

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