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Personalize renewal offers for existing customers

When to consider this playbook

If your users come to your website to log in and you need extra incentive to close renewals for priority accounts, you should personalize the experience to drive renewals.

You can also implement this tactic by emailing users 1:1 personalized landing pages with custom renewal offers.

Data available to you

Salesforce data is integrated into Mutiny, which gives you access to any first party data that you have on your target accounts and leads. For example: 

  • Current plan

  • Stage of funnel

  • Date added or start date of plan

  • Renewal date

How to personalize


This should be focused on the exclusive or time-sensitive offer. For example, "Renewal offer for Adidas: 4 free seats" or "Early renewal offer: 10% off your annual fee."


Explain how the offer is going to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. For example, "Get started today and make sure there's no gap in service."


Use an action-oriented CTA with urgency toward the offer you are putting in front of them. For example, "save 10% now" or "redeem offer."

See it in action

Dialpad is a business communications platform with annual subscriptions. When their customers are coming up for renewal, they can add a personalized renewal offer to increase the likelihood of the account renewing.

Below is an illustration of how Dialpad can personalize their headline and sub-head for Michael from WeWork to close a renewal.

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