Database Marketing

Personalize seasonal offer to convert old leads

When to consider this playbook

If you have stale leads you are having trouble closing or need a new tactic to break into target accounts, providing an exclusive offer is an enticing way to accelerate their buying cycle time (and to reduce your sales cycle times).

Data available to you

Salesforce data is natively integrated into Mutiny, which gives you access to any first party data that you have on your target accounts and leads. For example: 

  • Stage of funnel e.g. lead vs. customers

  • Current plan

  • Date added or first contacted

How to personalize


This should be focused on the exclusive or time-sensitive offer. For example, "Exclusive offer for Adidas: 4 free seats" or "Your first month free when you sign up by March 31."


Explain how the offer is going to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. For example, "Get started and host your first webinar today."


Use an action-oriented CTA with urgency toward the offer you are putting in front of them. For example, "Claim your 10% discount" or "Redeem offer now."

See it in action

Brex provides corporate cards with industry-specific benefits. Instead of a generic landing page listing all their use cases, they use Mutiny to personalize the content to the use case and provide a relevant offer to each. For example, startups care about getting started quickly and saving money. To convert their startup target accounts, they offer waived card fees.

Below is a live example of how Brex creates personalized landing pages for target accounts with exclusive offers. 

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