Show local expertise for geo-based searches

When to consider this playbook

Personalize your landing pages with geo-specific content if the search term contains a geo-specific request or if your service or usage varies depending on location.

Data available to you

Mutiny can access your ad groups or the search terms you bid on. Most people prefer to do this through UTM parameters such as Campaign, Medium, Term, and Content. 

In addition to geo-based search terms, Mutiny provides visitor's geo and their company's headquarters based on their IP address.

How to personalize


Highlight your geo expertise in the headline to catch the visitor's attention. For example, "Create an LLC in California" or "Schedule a workshop with our Minnesota team."

Page content

Use the page content to build trust. Explain why you have the best solution for their location. Perhaps there are local regulations or a large number of local customers.

Social Proof

Show quotes that highlight your local expertise or highlight customers based in that geo.  You can mention the geo in the testimonial description if the businesses are not well known e.g., "Julie Rao, Owner of Pretty Shoes, California."


Make sure your CTA is action oriented and contextualize it to the geo if possible. For example "Get started in Georgia" or "Talk to a New York product expert."

See it in action

ZenBusiness is a platform for business owners to create, run, and grow their business. The legal requirements to form an LLC vary by state, and their customers need to trust that they have the solutions that are right for the state in which they want to form their business.

ZenBusiness uses Mutiny to change the page content to highlight their expertise in each state. They change the headline to include the state name and use the bullet points to assure their New York audience that they cover all legal requirements in New York. They also pre-fill the state in the form to reduce friction and get visitors into the sign up flow as quickly as possible.

Below is a live example of how ZenBusiness personalizes their paid landing page for geo-based search terms.

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