Tailor blog CTA by industry

When to consider this playbook

You should personalize your CTAs by industry if your core value prop or product usage changes based on your customer's industry.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP, which gives you access to granular industry data. There are 10 top level industries as well as over 300 more granular classifications. 

Examples of top level industries include: 

  • Financials

  • Consumer Staples

  • Health Care

We can further break down Financials by sub-industry, for example:

  • Accounting

  • Capital Services

  • Insurance

There are also business model tags that can augment industry such as:

  • SaaS

  • B2C

  • Government

  • Education

  • Marketplace

See the full list of industry attributes here

How to personalize

Typically a blog CTA has a headline, sub-head, and text. Here's how to think about personalizing these elements.


Your CTA headline is the hook that will grab your future customer's attention. This is your opportunity to pull them in with a really compelling value prop. Use the name of the segment (e.g., "Best 401(k) for law firms") or a phrase that will pique this segment's interest (e.g., "Compliant and audit-ready equity platform"). 


Use your sub-head to go into more detail or make a secondary point that will be compelling to this industry.

CTA text

Generally, action oriented CTAs such as "get started" or "buy now" work best. If the industry you are targeting has lower propensity to buy, a lower commitment CTA such as "learn more" or "view case study" may work better. 

See it in action

Craft aggregates data about companies to serve as the one source of truth for company data. Much of their data is available for free to draw users in (similar to blog or SEO content). Certain segments of visitors can purchase add-on products such as their data API. 

For example, hedge fund managers visit Craft to learn about companies on their target investment list and are extremely interested in changes in a company's executive team, while analysts from manufacturing firms come to Craft to learn more about their vendors and identify potential financial risks in those companies. Craft's API can be integrated into their systems to help answer these questions in a proactive and streamlined way, saving them hours of research.

Instead of a generic message, Craft uses Mutiny to articulate the most relevant use case for each visitor segment. This immediately grabs the visitor's attention and increases their likelihood of converting. 

Below is a live example of how Craft personalizes their CTAs by industry.

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