Tailor paid landing page by competitor search terms

When to consider this playbook

If you are bidding on competitor keywords, you should personalize the landing page experience to explain why your solution is better than the competitor. With this personalization in place, you will give these searchers the information they seek right away and convert them at a higher rate (ultimately lowering your CAC).

Data available to you

Mutiny can access your ad groups or the search terms you bid on. Most people prefer to do this through UTM parameters such as Campaign, Medium, Term, and Content.

How to personalize


This should summarize the value you offer vs. your competitor in a succinct way. It's best to say the name of the competitor to ease the user into understanding why they are seeing your page instead of the competitor they searched, e.g., "The better alternative to ADP."

Page content

Use the page content to serve as your competitor battlecard. Generally, it is better to keep this focused on the positives you can offer vs. the negatives of the competing solution.


Make sure your CTA is action oriented, such as "start now." If possible, use a value prop unique to you compared to your competitor such as "start for free." Offering an incentive for switching is also compelling e.g., "save 30% if you switch by end of year" or "we'll migrate your data from X to Y for free."

See it in action

ZenBusiness is a platform for business owners to create, run, and grow their business. One of their largest competitors is LegalZoom. They bid on these terms to bring people looking for a business formation solution into their site. 

ZenBusiness uses Mutiny to change the page content to highlight their value props compared to LegalZoom when these searchers reach their landing page. They change the form title to "Best LegalZoom Alternative" and change the bullet points to highlight value props unique to ZenBusiness. They make direct comparisons where possible (e.g., "Form in half the time and cost as LegalZoom").

Below is a live example of how one of our customers, ZenBusiness, personalizes their paid landing page for competitor search terms. 

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