Tailor paid landing page by use case

When to consider this playbook

If you are bidding on keywords for specific use cases, you should personalize the landing page experience to address the specific problem the searcher is trying to solve.

With this personalization in place, you can focus your landing page on the most relevant use case and convert visitors at a higher rate (ultimately lowering your CAC).

Data available to you

Mutiny can access your ad groups or the search terms you bid on. Most people prefer to do this through UTM parameters such as Campaign, Medium, Term and Content.

How to personalize


The more you can match your headline to the visitor's search terms, the more likely you are to catch their attention and prevent a bounce. State the value prop for the specific use case in your headline. For example, if Mutiny bids on "ABM personalization," we would personalize the page headline to "Give every target account a tailored experience" and focus the rest of our content on ABM vs. talking generically about personalization. 

Page content

The key is to omit irrelevant features and value props in favor of going deeper on the customer's use case. Marketers often think the comprehensiveness of their solution is most compelling, but we have found that buyers are more compelled by how well you solve the exact problem they are facing today. If you want to mention additional features, we recommend mentioning it in one final value prop such as "scales with you as you grow" or "something for your whole team."


If possible, pull context on the use case into the CTA. For example, "Get ChatBot" or "Start your online class."

See it in action

Livestorm is a browser-based online web conferencing software used to share real-time live streams. They serve many different use cases, including onboarding, marketing content, product demos, online classes, and more.

Below is an illustration of how they can message differently for a product demo use case vs. an online class use case.

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