Tailor paid landing page for social proof seekers

When to consider this playbook

If you are bidding on keywords such as "best", "top", "reviews", or "ratings", or if you find that your searchers have these terms included in their query, you should personalize their landing page experience. By personalizing the post-click experience, you will give these searchers the information they seek right away and convert them at a higher rate (ultimately lowering your CAC).

Data available to you

Mutiny can access your ad groups or the search terms you bid on. Most people prefer to do this through UTM parameters such as Campaign, Medium, Term, and Content.

How to personalize


These visitors are looking for confirmation that they are choosing the right product. Use your headline to play into the keyword you are targeting. For example, for searches that contain the term "best", try a headline like "Best 401(k) for SMBs."

Page content

Focus the content of your page on social proof. Include star ratings, customer testimonials, and ROI impact. Your page must build confidence that you have a trusted solution.


Make sure your CTA is action oriented, such as "start now." You may want to include copy near the CTA that further highlights a piece of social proof, such as "18,000 people trust us to help them grow." or "Rated #1 in Security Weekly."

See it in action

ZenBusiness is a platform for business owners to create, run, and grow their business. Their customers want to move quickly with a trusted option, without pouring a lot of time into research.

ZenBusiness uses Mutiny to change the page content to highlight their key trust factors. They change the form title to "Top Rated LLC Formation" and change the bullet points to highlight various trust components such as "#1 customer support team" and "Highest rated LLC formation service". They also include a Trustpilot review widget visible above the fold.

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