Livestorm drives triple digit lifts for their core customer segments.

Livestorm is a video communications platform. Their goal is to modernize the use of video at companies, from online meetings to webinars. They provide all the tools companies need to get the most value out of their online events.

Thibaut Davoult is the Growth Engineer. With a masters in marketing and experience in fullstack development, Thibaut has every angle covered to be the world’s most dangerous growth marketer.

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Hide self-service sign ups from the big guys.


At the very beginning, we really built Livestorm through marketing and that's how we sold the first 600 clients. For three years, we didn't even have a salesperson. Everything was handled automatically. People would just come to the website, create a free trial, test out the product themselves. They would receive the proper emails and the proper onboarding so that they could understand Livestorm and become customers on their own. 

Sometimes we had enormous companies like above 10,000 employees just sign up for Livestorm, do a free trial and take a plan for like 100 Euros a month. It’s good to have them as customers because they're really well known brands, but then you think they probably have bigger needs. And we could have addressed that better if they had talked to a salesperson before.

You’re Enterprise? That’s cool. And you’re a Startup? We can all hang.


It's not possible to have a website that's tailored for startups and smaller companies and also that talks to enterprise customers. It cannot be done. No one can do it because they are so different in the way of thinking and the roadblocks that they will get when they try to choose a new product. They're so different that it's not possible to have one website that addresses all these needs.

205% more enterprise leads and larger deal sizes. Damn.


The personalization removed the pricing and it has made the wording more tailored to big companies. We've seen an uplift of 205% in the sign up rate for that experiment. So it's actually huge. I was not expecting that much of a difference. 

Aside from the fact that we're seeing a better conversion rate for the enterprise sector, it also makes it easier and quicker to start sales conversations with them. Removing the pricing also helps us not anchor their mind towards a certain pricing. If you start from nothing and you have a sales person listening to the needs first and coming up with a solution, then it's way easier to offer something customized for them. That will mean we’ll get more money from these people because we will come up with a plan that encapsulates a lot more employees.

New markets you want into are locked? Mutiny's got the key.


We've already learned a lot and improved a lot in two months since we started using Mutiny. We actually closed our first real enterprise deal with 60 seats, which is really huge for us. We'll keep learning more and keep fine tuning our message and the way we sell to these companies.

I just caught Sales & Marketing in the closet, totally getting aligned.


The best reaction I got was definitely from the salesperson. We're not going to reduce the number of demos you get, but they're going to be higher quality and with more relevant people. When I show that to my salesperson, he's always ecstatic about that because that means he'll get more demos from more relevant people. So that helps him do a better job and succeed.

Prepare thy mind for blowage. Livestorm gets a 678% uplift.


Education companies sometimes do online events. They can use Livestorm. That's something that was almost not at all mentioned on the website. And now we could easily create a specific experience for the people who come from this industry to talk to them specifically. 

It shows logos of other companies in the education sector already using Livestorm -- showcases other use cases that you can do with education. It uses a lot of wordings that are tailored to online classes. We're seeing 678% uplift in conversion rates compared to the control. I didn't expect it to be that huge.

Who does it all? Starts with an M and ends with big lift.


Only Mutiny does it all. It's connecting to Segment, which is how we collect the events from our app. That tells us when an experience works or not because we can track the number of people who sign up and the number of people who become customers. Since we were running with Clearbit Reveal for personalization, and we already have Segment implemented, what we needed was a tool that would integrate perfectly with the two, and that was the case with Mutiny.

Point. Click. Personalize. Clock-out. Envibe. Ride-share. Repeat.


Setting it up takes less than an hour, not even that. Add a small line of code - It's super simple to do it. You don't even have to understand what you're doing. You just have to follow the steps. And you can start building straight away. You don't have to do a lot of back and forth with a support person to get started. You can do that quite quickly and start seeing the results really quickly as well.

I like the fact that it is very simple, point-and-click on the website. Change the elements and you're done with it. So basically a personalization with Mutiny can be done in 15 minutes. You always want to find things that are quick to do and that have a lot of impact and so Mutiny is great for that.

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