Our community, M2 prepares revenue-driven marketers for senior leadership roles at the world’s greatest companies.

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“Investing in a personalized customer experience is the most impactful way to drive revenue today.”
Katrina Wong
Katrina WongVP of Marketing
“By focusing on conversion, we’ve been able to make all of our paid programs more efficient and reinvest those savings back into our top performing channels, and expand to new ones.”
Fabien David
Fabien DavidPerformance Marketing Manager
“Top of funnel investments are one-off. Investing in conversion is the tide that lifts all the boats.”
June Sauvaget
June SauvagetChief Marketing Officer
“We asked 'Are we driving the largest impact possible? Where else should we focus?' The answer was to shift top of funnel resources into user education and conversion.”
Dave Cook
Dave CookVP Growth Marketing
“My marketing team has become my growth engineering team, constantly rolling out new optimizations that increase our revenue.”
Emily Kramer
Emily KramerChief Marketing Officer
“Focusing on conversion has not only made a tremendous impact to our bottom line, but it’s also made our product stronger.”
Christian Glason
Christian GlasonDirector of Growth

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The era of



The biggest challenge we marketers face is the disconnect between marketing activities and revenue. We spend 90% of our effort driving “top-of-funnel” interest through advertising, content or media, but we have little technology or know-how for converting that demand into revenue. We call this part of the funnel “conversion”.

The last decade in marketing was about top-of-funnel. The next decade will be about conversion, giving rise to a new breed of CMOs that every company will desperately try to recruit.
Jaleh Razaei
Jaleh RazaeiCEO & Co-Founder, Mutiny

M2 is the only community that prepares revenue-driven marketers for senior leadership roles at the world’s greatest companies.

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