Mode doubles their response rates. Jealous?

Mode is an analytics platform designed to help data analysts and data scientists analyze, visualize, and share data. Mode helps answer open ended business questions that were previously left unanswered. Mode’s environment fosters creativity and encourages employees to try new things.

Jason Alafgani is Senior Growth Marketing Manager. After creating his own company, he realized his passions and skills were more in-line with bringing the product to market than building the product itself.  Since then, he’s turned himself into a badass marketer. 

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Divide and conquer, Mutiny style.


We have analysts. We have data scientists. We have data engineers, managers, directors, all who consume data differently. All who interface with data differently and whose core value of Mode is very different. Mode is also in a very new space -- analytics data science, where the value of Mode, the value of data, the value of analytics is still very open ended. It's still very much up to the user to create the value that they see out of it. 

Mutiny allowed us to keep our marketing open ended, message to a variety of different individuals, and inspire them to do the things that all of them individually do with Mode.

We all want to feel special.


Every marketer's job is to create a message that will resonate with their prospects, with the audience they're trying to reach. And what we've been doing for decades is trying to find the best message that will hit the most people. But it would be awesome if we were able to tell the perfect message to every individual person, because everybody wants to see their message a little bit differently. Everyone's got a different itch to scratch. Everyone's got a different pain point to address and being able to scratch that itch or to address that pain, and communicate that to the individual -- is huge.

Control the first impression.


Mutiny is an integral part of how we reach our enterprise customers in a personalized way. We are now able to control the first impression of our prospects. To customize that first impression to be exactly what we think will work with them.

It’s a knockout.


When telling the broader personalization story, Mutiny is like the final punch. People are impressed with the first personalization like, ‘Wow, how is that possible?’ Then they're even more impressed with the second and the third. And then eventually, it's assumed that the personalization is over. But it doesn't stop there, it continues all the way to someone actually booking a call with us. And that’s Mutiny.

Outbound lead volume catches up to inbound for target accounts.


Since beginning ABM -- the targeted outreach of our account list, we've been able to drive almost equal the outbound lead volume to the inbound lead volume prior to this initiative. So we’ve been able to double that.

Personalization doubles response rates and gets prospects talking.


I decided to actually test whether our personalization works. We tried the same outbound initiative, almost identical, but with personalization removed from it, and personalization saw a double in response rate -- and even led to some qualitative responses from prospects saying that the only reason they booked was due to personalization.

Jason won’t be reading your dumb email -- but Mutiny hooked him.


I haven't read an email in a very long time. It's impossible to reach me in a lot of different ways.  And this way stood out. [Mutiny] came across as well thought out, intentional, and deliberate. Beyond just the initial charm, it actually displayed value in a meaningful way that resonated enough for me to respond.

Mutiny got me excited, because while consuming the landing page that was meant to convey the value of Mutiny to me, I was thinking about all the ways that I could speak to others.

Is your airbag on? Brace for impact.


Prior to Mutiny, we were optimizing our website funnel and there was no concept of personalized outreach. After Mutiny, we've been able to go deeper into inbound and really be able to personalize messaging, call to action, and a variety of other things for the company that's visiting our site. But the biggest impact has been in our outbound efforts.

Make your website an evergreen resource.


I'm very excited about the combination of Segment with Salesforce data to personalize someone's web experience after they have done the key thing that the site is driving towards. For example, a sign up or a demo request -- Things don't stop there. People sign up. They use a free product or they book a call. They're in a sales cycle or they’re customers and they're looking for more information. Being able to tie all this information together will allow us to make Mode an evergreen resource. That's not just important for people when they're looking to buy Mode, but it's important for people when they want to learn more about Mode, use Mode in a better way, and get the most out of Mode down the line.

Get tight with your sales team. Group hug.


Sales feels like they're supported and that they're not on an island hunting for prospects. They have a team of people behind them to help them succeed in their goals.

On the other side of the house, oftentimes marketing can always be making requests and asking design or engineering to make changes to this or that. Mutiny allows us to take some of that ownership, take some work off their plate. To allow product and design and engineering to continue forward with the product, and allow marketers to actually go and do a lot of the work that engineering or design would've been tasked to do. 

In short, it's brought us closer to sales. It makes sales feel more supported and it's allowed us to take some of the work off of product and design.

Jason takes chances. FOMO is real.


Great marketing is the courage to try new things and be wrong in those efforts. It’s important to always stay ahead of that curve, to be in a place where you're the first person there and where everyone's headed. Without that mentality, you'll always be playing catch up. Once in a while, you hit gold and actually do something that makes a difference.

I couldn't really tell you what we would've done without Mutiny. I personally believe that we wouldn't have gotten half of the results.

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