+65% conversions

Use Their Name, but Don't Wear it Out

Phoebe Fasulo
Phoebe FasuloDirector of Digital Marketing

What you’ll learn

  • How to use a company name variable in a way that adds value to your website visitors

What you’ll need

  • An IP enrichment tool to identify companies visiting your website and their industry
  • A web personalization platform that can dynamically update CTA’s
  • A web personalization platform that can create dynamic banners
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

Adding a banner calling out the company name alongside the free offer has resulted in an extra 60 leads per month. 

The addition of company names on the homepage CTA has generated an extra 65% more leads from tech visitors.

And, SecurityScorecard developed a huge insight on effective personalization. Many people like to say that using a name variable is not personalization. Phoebe and her team learned that just using a name variable is not good personalization. You can use a name variable, but you need to use it in a strategic, value adding way - not just for novelty effect.

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