+32% email response rate

Book 3x More Meetings with This Cold Email System

Jordan Crawford
Jordan CrawfordCo-Founder

What you’ll learn

  • How to find companies that have a burning pain and need your service now
  • The formula to get 10-30% positive replies with no per-person personalization
  • A system to personalize at scale and save your sales team countless hours from researching and writing 1-1 emails.

What you’ll need

  • A deep understanding of your customer (ideal customer persona, buyer persona, why people bought, buying triggers)
  • Access to intelligence tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Harmonic, BuiltWith, Similar Web, SpyFu, or others.
  • An email automation tool like Mailshake
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

Jordan has used this playbook to implement sales automation systems at dozens of B2B businesses. Some emails flop, while others deliver 30%+ reply rates.

Not every cold email script is going to work. But an increase in reply rate from 1% to 5% could generate hundreds of prospects for your pipeline when sent at scale. Not to mention all the time your sales team will get back so they can focus on closing instead of researching and writing 1-1 emails when prospecting.

“There’s a huge opportunity for the sales and marketing teams to collaborate and identify prospects in pain, not just personas who usually buy. But, to do so, you can’t give your sales team ZoomInfo and hope that they will figure it out. Contact and industry data are not nearly enough to decode patterns of pain in your prospects.”

Once you’ve found a message that resonates with a target audience (and, to be clear, some won't perform well—so you need to test), inbound campaigns can be created to target the exact same leads with tools like Primer and Mutiny to personalize that inbound experience to message against the same pain points in other channels. This type of targeting, combined with the right tools and channels, has 5x’ed conversion rates even on ads spend.

We've seen tactics similar to Jordan's also work for inbound traffic. Slack did a similar targeting exercise for inbound traffic.

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