+442% meetings booked

Break Into New Verticals, 5x Your Leads

Grace Kleaveland Kupczak
Grace Kleaveland KupczakDigital Strategy & Growth Marketing Manager

What you’ll learn

  • How to personalize your landing pages by industry
  • Strategies for writing relevant content for your core verticals
  • The importance of moving fast while experimenting

What you’ll need

  • An IP enrichment and insights platform
  • A web personalization platform
  • A tool for building landing pages
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

The first proof of concept—before the new landing page was even created—saw a 442% increase in meetings booked.

The new manufacturing landing page experience converts 13% of visitors compared to 2.4% average on the site.

Grace already has CMO buy-in to continue the project to focus on other key industries - like business services and healthcare - which respond better to unique positioning. 

This strategy has also provided the 6sense marketing and sales teams with a quick way to validate their audience pain points and use cases, before investing ad spend. It has surfaced opportunities for their content marketing team to develop new resources and allowed both marketing and sales to check their assumptions at the door by running data-driven personalized experiences and gaining insights (and wins) in a matter of weeks.

In Grace’s words, “It’s been amazing to partner with Mutiny to complete our end-to-end programmatic ABM campaigns. We were never able to offer up different versions of our website based on insights and intent we already know from 6sense, and now we can improve customer experience, maintain brand consistency and increase pipeline drastically, and scalably.”

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