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Create a Demo Request Form Sales will Love

Jake Levinger
Jake LevingerMarketing Operations Manager

What you’ll learn

  • How to create an enriched demo request form to decrease unqualified leads
  • How to route leads automatically based on their level of qualification
  • Tactics for increasing demo requests, but not at the cost of quality

What you’ll need

  • A demo request form
  • An IP enrichment tool
  • A chat tool
  • A calendar tool
  • An email automation tool
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

By qualifying leads from the start, Retool has managed to see new gains from their website at every step. Surfacing the “Request a Demo” CTA in Intercom, in-product, and in onboarding emails has doubled monthly demo requests. And by adding fields to their new demo request form, the quality of their leads has increased as well, saving sales reps’ time and letting them funnel prospects better. 

Internally, these tactics have been celebrated and brought the marketing and sales teams closer together. Jake explains:

“As a product-led company, marketing is primarily responsible for driving trial sign ups, and we viewed demo requests as a byproduct of those efforts. When we optimized for quantity, our sales team felt their demos were not always qualified. After making a concerted effort to improve the demo request experience, we’re now generating a higher volume of quality meetings for the sales team, all without sacrificing any of our top of funnel efforts."

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