22% account engagement

Direct Mail Campaigns That Actually Convert

Martin Gontovnikas
Martin GontovnikasSVP, Marketing & Growth

What you’ll learn

  • How to use high-touch tactics such as direct mail to break into target accounts
  • How to iterate on creative campaigns

What you’ll need

  • A list of high-value target accounts
  • A direct mail production vendor
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

Auth0 started conversations with 22% of the people they reached out to, with a conversion rate of approximately 7%. Based on these conversion rates, the campaign drove an average 8x ROI. These results were over 3x what they saw in their initial direct mail campaigns. But there was also a response they hadn’t been expecting.

“Some people recorded videos of themselves destroying their boxes—throwing them onto the floor and things like that. And they were tweeting about it. So even those that didn't convert as a part of the campaign were at least driving some brand awareness for us --  they were talking about Auth0 and sharing what they were doing with our boxes.”

And the cherry on top? These tactics really rallied the marketing team, with several team members pitching ideas for future iterations. Gonto also gained leadership buy-in to continue outbound strategies, which were previously doubted compared to inbound marketing. Gonto says:

“The CFO, CEO and CRO were very happy to see that we could have more predictable revenue coming from outbound, and that we could leverage this to inject more money and drive more ARR, so we can continue our streak of doubling revenue every year.”

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