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How to Profitably Grow an Email List with In-Feed Ads

Ognjen Bošković
Ognjen BoškovićGrowth Lead

What you’ll learn

  • How to use in-feed Facebook ads for lead generation
  • The framework for pressure testing your ads
  • How to build an audience list of your ideal customers

What you’ll need

  • Facebook ads account and some campaign budget
  • Existing email list for lookalike audience building
  • High-converting landing page
  • Design resources for creating ad creative
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

"Comment section went crazy. In my media buying experience, that's almost always a good sign." said Ognjen.

But here's what the numbers from this experiment ended up looking like: 1,592 email signups with an average cost per email of $2.75. They also wanted to use this campaign as a brand awareness play, so they were also happy with the $3.89 CPM over 350k impressions.

Despite not selling anything directly from the ad, they saw a few leads from this campaign actually make purchases on CXL’s website. Taking that revenue into account, it led to a $1.65 cost per email and a $2.33 CPM, making this experiment a success. 

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