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A Personalized Buyer Journey for Every Company Size

Brynne Burgess
Brynne BurgessDirector of Growth Marketing

What you’ll learn

  • How to approach segmenting your self-serve and enterprise website visitors
  • A simple solution to segment website visitors based on their company size
  • How to assess the full buying journey on your website
  • Tactics for writing landing page copy that converts

What you’ll need

  • A web personalization platform
  • CRM data to identify self-serve vs. enterprise visitors
  • An understanding of the self-serve and sales-led motions of your product
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

With the new trial landing page experience built, Brynne re-ran the test to new website visitors. 

The SMB trial experience of ‘Start for free’ CTA, followed by a personalized trial landing page led to a 95% lift in conversion.

The original CTA test of changing ‘Start for free’ saw a 67% lift in conversion as well, now that enterprise customers were shown a landing page tailored to speaking with a Sprig product expert.

The learning here is sometimes there's more to take into consideration than just the page or segment a personalization test is running on. When there is something strange going on, take a step back and assess the full user experience journey from the first impression to the follow up. 

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