+197% conversions

Customize Web Journeys by Persona

Usman Khan
Usman KhanGrowth Marketing Manager

What you’ll learn

  • How to tailor your value proposition to different company sizes
  • How to easily personalize your homepage experience for maximum success

What you’ll need

  • A deep understanding of your customer segmentation
  • What motivates your target audiences to buy and what the most common blockers are
  • A web personalization platform
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

The Carta team saw incredible results from these tests. They drove conversion rate increases up to 197% across their various segments. 

“Before, the website was a black box and we had very limited understanding of who was actually on there. We just did things in the dark. And now that we've been empowered to understand the folks coming onto our site, we can get really specific about the journeys that we want these audiences to take. We're making sure that we're always showing the right message to the right person at the right time.”

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