+60% increase in signups

Personalize Paid Landing Pages to Reduce Cost Per Lead

Fabien David
Fabien DavidPerformance Marketing Manager

What you’ll learn

  • Best practices for your paid landing pages
  • How to personalize landing pages based on campaign (UTM)
  • How to prioritize what to test based on your data
  • The importance of starting small and testing quickly

What you’ll need

  • A tool to analyze campaign performance
  • Advertising platforms (like Facebook or Google Ads)
  • A web personalization platform
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

Fab was able to drive lifts in product signups on his paid landing page experiments by up to 60% in under 3 weeks with ~1 hour dedicated to launching experiments per week.

“By focusing on improving conversion on our paid landing pages, we’ve been able to make all of our paid programs more efficient, reinvest those savings back into our top performing channels and expand to new ones. So the results we’ve seen are not only making a direct impact on our campaign’s ROAS, but they’re also allowing us to be more effective with our entire paid advertising strategy.”

This strategy has also helped him create excitement and buy-in across both the marketing and data science teams at Notion. Whenever he shares this strategy’s impact on Slack, teammates across the org — including Notion’s founders — take notice.

“I’ve gotten really good feedback from leadership, marketing and data science on what we’re doing. My data science colleagues in particular have applauded the speed at which I’ve been able to gain learnings and results. Being able to test so rapidly has informed our content strategy by better understanding the pain points and use cases that are resonating most with our audience.”

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