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Generate Endless Inbound Leads with a Podcast

Eric Siu
Eric SiuHost of Marketing School podcast

What you’ll learn

  • The strategy behind a podcast that drives top-line business results
  • How to turn a listener into a lifetime customer
  • How to use a podcast as a growth engine

What you’ll need

  • A podcast distributed on major podcast players
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

Marketing School now has 2,000+ episodes over 5 years. It receives ~1M downloads a month and has eclipsed 50M downloads total.

Beyond top-of-funnel discovery, Marketing School is also a major cashflow generator for Eric’s business through sponsorships and paid events.

“Growing a podcast comes down to consistency and designing it to be win-win. Even if Marketing School wasn’t generating revenue directly, it would still be hugely beneficial to me. I’ve designed it to be a content engine that feeds other areas of my business and forces me to stay active in the marketing community.”

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Personalization isn't just about a better user experience. It has the strongest ROI relative to virtually any other B2B channel. Let our team walk you through tactics to increase your inbound leads by up to 50%.

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