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Giveaways That Actually Give You Qualified Leads

Amy Harrison
Amy HarrisonIntegrated Marketing Manager

What you’ll learn

  • Tips for creating swag that your prospects and customers will actually want
  • How to create personalized offers on your website to improve user engagement at bottlenecks in your signup or form flows

What you’ll need

  • Swag!
  • A web personalization platform that can dynamically add banners and exit modals
  • An analytics tracking tool for identifying bottlenecks in your product or website
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

The inbound promotion channel alone (Mutiny’s banners and exit modals) converted over 1,500 visitors. 

The insights from this experiment have led Automox to expand to testing different incentives at varying price points, depending on the value of the account. They’ve seen a lot of success with offering Yeti tumblers in exchange for high value prospects taking demos. They also found a solution for government where they can’t gift directly - they donate a tree to be planted, or even their own time. 

Equally as important as the volume of highly qualified leads is the ever-sought-after sales and marketing alignment.

“The gifting program helped us work collaboratively with the sales team. They are the ones actually sending out the swag, so we set up workflows and dashboards to show them which prospects were getting swag and what actions they took in the product.”

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