Never Miss an Upsell with Real-Time Product Signals

Caroline Guo
Caroline GuoHead of Growth

What you’ll learn

  • How to determine the signals to track for upsell
  • Tips for structuring your data for a notification system
  • Inspiration on automated emails triggered by product activity

What you’ll need

  • A CRM with accurate customer data
  • Data from your product or app
  • A data warehouse (if your data needs to be cleaned and merged)
  • A platform for sending notifications (e.g. Slack, email, etc.)
  • A sales email platform
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

By putting their product data to work and identifying real-time engagement triggers, Caroline and her team have vastly increased the number of conversations HashiCorp’s sales reps are having with users across their products. They’ve also seen a big increase in new opportunities and acceleration in their time to opportunity creation. But those aren’t the only benefits they’ve tracked.

Cross-departmental communication—key to getting this entire initiative off the ground—has also improved.

“We’ve seen a big culture shift. Now we have a really quick feedback loop between product, engineering, marketing and sales. While sales uses the notification system directly, product and engineering also benefit from it, using it to make better informed decisions on what product features and onboarding flows to build.” 

Today, all of the teams are aligned as they move the customer through the sales funnel from free to paid user. With a standardized way to do so, and the automation in place to facilitate those goals, they’re putting the product data they’ve always had to work. 

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