-70% cost per click

Using Gamified Contests To Stand Out In a Competitive Niche

Lorna Malja
Lorna MaljaSr. Manager of Global Digital Marketing

What you’ll learn

  • How to design incentives that stand out to your ideal customers
  • How to run a successful contest that also drives real revenue
  • How to reduce paid acquisition cost with stand-out creative

What you’ll need

  • Design resources to create high-quality marketing collateral
  • Budget for sweepstakes and prizes
  • Deep customer research and understanding of customer persona
  • CMS and email platform for sending automated updates
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The Problem

The Hypothesis

The Solution

The Impact

By designing original marketing materials around the audience’s interests, Starburst attracted hundreds of new leads who were previously unfamiliar with Starburst.

In fact, this campaign dramatically reduced the costs of paid acquisition. So far, they have seen a 70% decrease in CPC on LinkedIn ads, getting their typical $26 cost per click down to about $6.

“The campaign is still ongoing, but we’ve already seen dozens of new deals attributed back to this competition and a huge increase in our brand awareness as seen by the increase in booth traffic at trade shows.”

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